60 + important ASP NET MVC Interview Questions with answers

Unit testing and TDD are key practices that help catch bugs early, minimize technical debt, and increase maintainability. Interviewers want to know if you have the experience and discipline to consistently apply these practices in your work, as well as the ability to guide and mentor junior developers on their importance. Once the dependencies are identified, we create abstractions (interfaces) for these services, which allows us to decouple concrete implementations from the dependent classes.

ViewState is used in one of the most prevalent Asp.NET MVC technical interview questions. This happens because ViewState is saved in a hidden field just on the webpage, which dramatically increases its size and influences page loading speed. The partial view in MVC presents a fraction of the view content. To put it simply, the partial view allows us to render a view within the parent view. Using convention-based routing, it is challenging to generate this form of URI.

Explain Model Validation and how to perform custom validation logic.

It means the domain model and business logic are separated from the user interface (i.e. view). Thus, maintenance and testing of the application become simpler and easier. Mitigating CSRF attacks involves generating unique anti-forgery tokens for each user session and .net mvc developer including them in forms and AJAX requests. ASP.NET offers the AntiForgeryToken attribute, which can be applied to controller actions to enforce token validation. This ensures that only legitimate requests from authenticated users are processed by the application.

asp.net mvc developer interview questions

Furthermore, this framework boasts excellent performance optimization capabilities, which can be attributed to features like caching, bundling, and minification. By default, the https://remotemode.net/ location parameter has the value and which is appropriate for most of the scenarios. But sometimes there are scenarios when you required more control over the cached data.

Name the assembly to define MVC

It has all the data needed for a particular request and response. To keep ASP.NET light weight session variables are not enabled by default. There are three primary ways of doing session management Session variables , viewdata/view bag and Tempdata. Session is user interaction which happens with a website over a period of time.Its interaction which happens right when browser opens and browser closes. Reverse proxy is a concept where the server acts like a mediator.

  • Hence, when your action method returns multiple results based on different conditions, ActionResult is the best choice.
  • Study our list of MVC interview questions and practice with a friend.
  • Interfaces play a significant role in software development, promoting reusability, maintainability, and flexibility.
  • They allow you to create a consistent layout and structure for your website, making it easier to maintain and modify the overall design.
  • Application_BeginRequest and Application_EndRequest occur at the start and end of each HTTP request, useful for implementing custom logic like authentication or logging.
  • During this process, I pay close attention to any recent changes that could have introduced the problem.

Submitted questions and answers are subject to review and editing, and may or may not be selected for posting, at the sole discretion of Toptal, LLC. Authorization, custom action filters (sync and async), and action result transformation can be done with the same approach. To intercept exceptions globally, the filter should be registered in GlobalFilterCollection (usually in ~/App_Start/FilterConfig). Authentication, authorization, custom action filters, logging, and action result transformation can be done with the same approach. The Global.asax file in ASP.NET MVC serves as the application-level event handler, allowing developers to manage and respond to various events during the application’s lifecycle.

Top 15 MVC Interview Questions and Answers

The candidate has to stress that, in the project, we need to use some kind of distributed cache—for example, Redis. In the case of Redis, Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Redis provides the middleware and implements IDistributedCache to provide a standardized way to work with it. In the Web.config file (in the root folder of your application) set sessionState to StateServer for shared in-memory storage or SQLServer for shared durable storage. The lifetime should be the same as the request, because usually requests don’t live very long.

asp.net mvc developer interview questions

We decided to migrate to Entity Framework Core, requiring us to rewrite parts of the data access code and update the database schema accordingly. Another challenge was dealing with differences in configuration management between the two frameworks, which necessitated refactoring the way our application handled settings and environment variables. As a senior developer, you might be called upon to update and modernize existing projects. The question aims to assess your experience working with legacy .NET applications, as well as your ability to navigate the complexities of migrating to a newer framework.

Middle C# Developer ASP.NET MVC, SQLite

Model-View-Controller is an architectural pattern.The main idea is to separate business logic from an application’s UI. Such a framework can help to reduce the amount of handwritten code in a typical web application. ORM can be used when there are no extreme requirements for performance in an application, but there are some frameworks (e.g., Dapper) which can be used even in high-load systems. Partial views in ASP.NET MVC are reusable components that encapsulate view logic, allowing for modular and maintainable code.

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