Are You Looking For Homes in Orlando Florida? 5 Things You Must Know

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Every day, approximately 1,500 people relocate to Florida, amounting to about 350,000 persons per year. In addition, due to new career possibilities, retirement, schools, and universities, even more people are looking for homes in Orlando Florida, increasing its real estate market. For example, in one year, that is; from July 2020 to July 2021, the housing market has increased by 18.5%. Considering this, Orlando, Florida homes may be a worthwhile investment, especially with these annual gains.

However, for this article, we will be discussing four important things that a potential buyer needs to consider before purchasing a property in Orlando, FL.


1) Home Inspection

Before buying a home in Orlando, Fl, you must never skip the home inspection. The climate in Florida is subtropical. While people moving from states with colder climates will avoid the stress of dealing with snow, new problems might present themselves such as water damage and pest activities which are more frequent occurrences in Florida.

Regarding insect and pest issues, Florida is at the top of the list. While bedbugs and cockroaches can be dealt with quickly, carpenter ants and termites can do a great deal of harm. Although Florida is known as the “sunshine” state, it receives a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Florida is in position 5 for the state with the most precipitation throughout the years. Florida also tops the list with the most rain during the summer seasons, causing roofs of Florida homes to wear out quickly. Besides, flooding damage is a common occurrence in this region. These factors can lead to damages to the house over time.

Conducting a home inspection will show you what is wrong with the house before moving forward to buy the home.


2) The Art of Double Checking

When checking out Orlando Florida Homes for Sale with the intent of purchasing one, it’s important to double-check the house. The inspection does not usually cover everything related to home-owning. The things to double-check include the home’s location, that is, if it’s a spread out and geographically large area because having a strategic location near a highway can be a tremendous benefit.

It is extremely important to check the AC condition as well. Approximately 86% of Orlando homes for sale have central AC conditions, one of the state’s most incredible ratios. Meaning, if Floridians use it more frequently, then they are more likely to experience AC problems. Therefore, you will want to ensure that the AC of your potential home is effectively operating when you purchase the property. It’s also crucial to note down the date and year it was installed. The older the system, the more it is prone to damages.


3) Prepare for Hurricane Season

The Hurricane season in Florida runs from June through September. Since Florida is prone to hurricanes, homes often are built to resist battering weather conditions, high winds, and adhere to some of the country’s strictest building requirements.

Therefore, when purchasing a home, it’s essential to buy one that already has impact windows or shutters, fiberglass doors, and/or interlocking metal roofs. Doing this will ensure that your potential home will survive the yearly storms without sustaining any breaks or dents.


4) Insurance Prices for the Homes

Property insurance providers are required by Florida law to cover damage from hurricanes and tropical storms, so those looking at properties for sale in Orlando, FL, should be aware of this.

Since Florida is the third most costly state for home insurance, anyone moving from out of state may need to adapt their budget to account for insurance expenses.


Bottom line

Whether you’re upgrading from rental homes or trying to escape the Northern winters, Orlando is a perfect place to purchase your home. However, homeowners need to do their homework and ensure that their homes are made to last.


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